Building Process

Our experienced engineering team and skilled personels has been successfully built various private and public service buildings in Indonesia. We provide Turnkey Project on customer’s request. For any building project, from the preparation, testings (including topography test, soil test) and infrastructure you may rely on our team.

We pay close attention to the fine details while delivering cost effective services to our clients on a long term basis. From start to finish, every project will receive our utmost care and attention.

Cutting corners here could cost you in the future, so ensure you do it right so you can have a container building to be proud of. Our good reputation and plenty of existing works will be the perfect choice for you to construct your container dream home. With over than 12 years of experiences in providing container buildings, our company has been the first company in Indonesia that can achieve International Standard and have exported our instant house.



Choosing the Right Containers









In the world, there are currently millions of steel shipping containers sitting idle heading for retirement. Many of them are still in the perfect condition, very good shape, and sometimes have made only one or two trips shipping items overseas. With our creative hands we bring them a second life as a functional building material. What’s really impressive is the homes modular capabilities. They will still be transportable and simply joined together at each destination.

  • We always make sure we only use ISO STANDARD SHIPPING CONTAINER
  • We use only  80 – 85%  used condition ISO STANDARD SHIPPING CONTAINER
  • We use several INSULATED TECHNOLOGIES to make the most comfortable
    living and feels like just living in normal building
  • Upon clients request, we can provide the best material and workmanship
    according to the budget
  • All container buildings by PT.Indonesia DS Indah Karya are controlled by
    experienced Civil Engineers, Architects and Interior Designers

What is 80 – 85% used condition ISO STANDART SHIPPING CONTAINER ?

  • 80% used condition ISO STANDARD SHIPPING CONTAINER is a shipping container that is still being used for shipping items overseas, still in a very good shape, NO malformation of container structure and NO leak, only few scratches and minor dents.
  • 85% used condition ISO STANDARD SHIPPING CONTAINER is a perfect condition shipping container that is still being used for shipping items overseas, PERFECT structure and PERFECT coat.



Wall Construction and Insulation








If you are about to spend time in your container building as an office or living space you should always consider insulating the shipping containers. We provide different kind of wall constructions and insulations depends on your needs. Our containers are WELL – INSULATED to keep out the heat, cold and sound. The ceiling is fitted with the same insulation panels used in the bodies.

With our latest innovation technology we can even provide 2 hours FIRE RETARDANT INSULATION. This type of insulation provides great speed of construction and more advantages, such as : sound absorbing, very lightweight yet strong and durable, fire retardant, water resistant, and anti termite.



Floor, Doors, Windows and Roof








We always pay attention to details, because that’s what making each containers unique and valueable. We make sure that each items installed on the containers fit perfectly with your needs. When you’re on the right hands, each process seems easy and simple. Our experienced engineering team enables precision, great speed and high value to every projects we handle.



Finished Products


Congratulations! You’re now a proud owner of high quality and eco-friendly container building! Our finished product will last for generations with simple and affordable maintenance, water-proof, bug-proof and fire retardant.

Interested to learn more about the process? Feel free to contact us!