No more hassles building Permanent blocks for on-site kitchens. With our Portable Kitchen solutions, Lunch time in the middle of nowhere is not a problem any longer. Portable Kitchens can be customized according to the number of workers.

We Provide Other Configurations, Designs and Customisations.

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Container Standard Container 2 x 20 ft.
Condition Condition 80%, repaired and refurbished
Room Jointed Rooms
Exterior Epoxy and painting, color white
Wall & Ceiling Insulation Glasswool 50mm
Wall Covered Melamine multiplex 3mm
Partition Covered Melamine multiplex 3mm
Ceiling Covered Melamine multiplex 3mm
Door 1 unit Steel Door
Windows 4 units Rayban Glasses Windows alluminiun Fixed
Canopy On top of windows and door
Electrical 2 unit Air Conditioner 1 PK (9000BTU)
6 units Fluorescent Lamp 2 x 20 watt Phillips
5 units Power Outlet
1 units Switch On/Off
1 unit MCB box
1 unit switch handle 1-0-2
Floor Vinyl Tile ceramic floor 300 x 300 mm
Accessories 5 sets Dining Table + 6 Chairs
1 unit Refrigerator
1 unit Stove
1 unit Dispenser