PT. INDONESIA DS INDAH KARYA offers whole range of unique and customised office containers. These units can be in 20 feet or 40 feet or even joint versions. Our units have been successfully installed all over Indonesia, and are the finest and best quality that can be found.

All PT. INDONESIA DS INDAH KARYA Office Container Units come with high quality basic fittings.

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 Standard Example

Container Standard Container 40 foot
Condition Condition 90%, repaired and refurbished
Room 1
Exterior Epoxy and Painting, Color White
Wall & Celining Insulation Glasswool 50mm
Wall Covered Melamine multiplex 3mm
Partition Covered Melamine multiplex 3mm
Celiling Covered Melamine multiplex 3mm
Door 2 unit Steel Doors
Windows with Security Grills 2 units Rayban Glass Windows alluminium Sliding type
Canopy On top of windows and door
Electrical 2 units Air Conditioner 1 PK (9000BTU)
1 unit Exhaust Fan 10 inches
4 units Fluorescent Lamp 2×20 watt Phillips
8 units Power Outlet
2 units Switch On/Off
4 units Telephone line
4 units Data Line
1 unit MCB box
1 unit switch handle 1-0-2
Floor Vinyl Tile ceramic floor 300 x 300 mm
FREE Dry fire extinguisher, Company Logo/Signage